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     TQS is the place where a translator is always required!


There are thousands of translation agencies all over the world. None of them can function in full measure without translators working with different language pairs and subjects. Every one of these agencies faces the task of constant replenishment and updating their databases of freelance translators. Our project is created for maximum acceleration and simplifying of communication between a freelance translator and a translation agency.


  • Beginner translators. Where else if not here can you announce your translating skills and talents to the vast number of translation agencies worldwide, register in their databases and eventually get translation work you need so much?
  • Translators with many years experience. Now they will not have to spend their time for any kind of marketing activity. Its much easier to increase the base of potential clients with our help.
  • Personnel departments of translation agencies. As long as you are on the pages of this site and subscribe for mailing of translators resumes, you get an opportunity to quickly get into contact with professional translators worldwide.


  1. Free list of addresses for filling out online forms of numerous international translation agencies. It is arranged by countries which is very convenient. Youll now spend just hours rather than days or weeks for this procedure, not very pleasant in itself.
  2. Paid database for sending out your resume to those responsible for recruitment in translation agencies. More about this service see below.
  3. Other services that can help you to draw up an interesting resume, to calculate the cost of your translation services and to work successfully on the market of remote translations.

The idea of compilation of translation agencies addresses database is anything but new. You can easily find our competitors sites on the Internet. But here are just some of advantages of our services.


  1. The most complete database of translation agencies from the known ones. No comments. Weve just done high-quality work.
  2. The base is the most up-to-date by now. The service started working only in October 2006, and databases are updated not even weekly but daily. This aspect is very important. Usually those translation agencies that havent yet fully formed their translator bases, are actively looking for professional translators. And we are ready to make these translation agencies available for you.
  3. Competitive price of the service. You can believe us: low price did not affect quality at all! The database should be affordable for every translator. Thats how we estimated the price for the moment the cost of the whole global translation agencies database (containing almost 5000 addresses) is $240 only. Compare it with our competitors!
  4. Sending out of your resume over the base is fully automatic. You neednt process manually every e-mail to translation agencies, you are to work only with the mail you receive from agencies to fill out the forms, pass the tests, execute the orders... (this service is under test now and will be available later).
  5. No spam here! All the translation agencies that are in our database were asked beforehand and granted their agreement for receiving your resume.

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translation agencies in the database - 4904


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